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Life-long wealth planning partnerships

Money Management Mesa, AZ Area

Partner with Sterling Group United of Mesa, Arizona to leverage our experience, systems, and data when managing your money.

Our advisors have a singular goal to guide you and your loved ones to a more confident and secure tomorrow.

Providing investment solutions to navigate today’s market dynamics

Poor investment performance, declining yields, hyper volatility and the myriad of other obstacles in today’s financial landscape are enough to overwhelm even the savviest investor. With a market flooded by brokers and agents using ‘one-side-fits-all’ financial products like managed mutual funds that under-perform their benchmarks, where can the common investor turn for help? Sterling Group United can create an expertly tailored financial solution designed specifically for you to resolve even the most complex of issues.

Sophisticated, results-driven money management

Sterling Group United provides financial planning on a fee-only basis. As a fiduciary our advisors’ interests are directly aligned with our clients’ interests. Focusing on your individual circumstances is at the heart of what we do and what drives our advisors. Your financial future will be cared for every step of the way.


Our client driven approach:


We seek first to understand your current situation and the future goals that you and your family have.


A custom-tailored solution is created based on our proprietary algorithms and economic overlays.


Your funds are continuously monitored in an effort to preserve capital while achieving class-leading returns.

Time-tested wealth-building strategies

Whether you are looking to retire comfortably or achieve specific financial goals, we can provide valuable financial advice that goes beyond investing.

Our money management services include:

  • Retirement
  • Institutional
  • Estate Planning & Asset Protection
  • Investment Management
  • Business Planning


We stand behind our strategies, and so does the data.

We believe in the products that we offer and in letting data drive decision making. The infrastructure we employ to manage and maintain hard-asset investments was developed with the intention of offering a lower-risk route to financial freedom than traditional investments.