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Terena Belitz

Chief Acquisitions Officer

Terena Belitz serves as the Chief Acquisitions Officer for Sterling Group United. In this role, she is responsible for managing and facilitating real estate activities and transactions for the Sterling Equity Alternative Funds (SEAF) nationwide. She oversees the research, evaluation, and selection of properties for acquisition and ensures the SEAF real estate portfolio is aligned with Sterling’s business goals, needs, and risk levels. She also maintains close relationships with all SEAF’s property managers; overseeing and ensuring all rental properties are safe, properly maintained in good working order, and occupied. Prior to working at Sterling Group United, Terena served in the Navy as a Linguist. She retired after 20yrs of active duty service in May 2019. She spent most of her career in the Navy stationed on the East Coast in the Maryland and Washington DC metro area, but did have a few stints overseas. Before the Navy she was an Arizona native – born and raised. Currently, Terena lives in Washington state with her husband and three kids.