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Adam Weitzell

IT Manager

Adam has had a love for computers since childhood, when he was introduced to them by his dad, then a computer engineering instructor. He has an ability to learn programs quickly and understand the workings of computers and their systems. He is also artistic with an eye for detail, which led to his having his first published drawings at age 16. Around the turn of the millennium, he discovered a way to bring these talents together and began working with graphic design and building websites. He has worked with several companies, including PayPal, where he was able to utilize his skills to help businesses grow. 

Adam started working with Sterling as an agent; however, it was soon apparent that he was needed in a different role. When the company was in its infancy, Adam was in the IT department. He built the first versions of the firm’s website, helped create print materials, and set up and maintained the company email system. As Sterling has grown and evolved, he has turned to specializing in the graphics and marketing materials, audio-visual needs for events, and handling surprise projects that come up. When he’s not at a computer, Adam enjoys developing his woodworking skills and spending time with his wife and eight children.