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Life Insurance

Mesa, AZ Area

We provide sophisticated business insurance plans, as well as individual insurance products to meet the various needs of our clients. 

Sterling Group United offers the capabilities of a full service agency, along with the benefits of an independent practice.

Protection without compromise

When it comes to life and annuity insurance, a one-sized approach is the last thing you need. We have always been and will continue to be an advocate for families, striving to protect, preserve and enhance their financial holdings.

When it comes to insurance options, less is more.

As an independent agency in Mesa, AZ, representing many of the top carriers in the world, we are able to meet the needs of each client uniquely. With thousands of products available to choose from based on your individual goals. Our diverse approach allows us to always keep the interests of our clients first. 

Carrier selection to match your needs

Our full service insurance agency delivers a competitive and diverse suite of life insurance and annuity products from top carriers.

We stand behind our strategies, and so does the data.

We believe in the products that we offer and in letting data drive decision making. The infrastructure we employ to manage and maintain hard-asset investments was developed with the intention of offering a lower-risk route to financial freedom than traditional investments.