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Investing in a financial adviser is perhaps the best step for most Americans to take. Without the experience and knowledge these pros have, you’ll have to make key investment decisions on your own. That’s not easy to do with the myriad of investment options today. What should you look for then in a financial advisement firm?

#1: Ensure They Are Certified

It seems like the simple first step. Yet, with both online and in-person brokers available, it’s not easy to navigate the options. Be sure the individuals are certified financial planners or financial advisers. You need to know they have the skill to work with you.

#2: Consider the Payment Schedule

Fee-based and commission-based advisers are available. Both can be good options depending on the goals they offer. You want an advisor that’s invested in your success, not just in selling you various products. It’s also important to understand the fee structure in every situation. What can you expect to pay, in fees, for using the service?

#3: Navigate the Services You Need

Do you have a large amount of money to invest? Are you just starting out? Consider how much support you need from the company.

  • Comprehensive financial planning is an opportunity to create a one-time path towards building wealth with considerations such as insurance, investment strategies, and retirement.
  • You may, on the other hand, need an hourly consultation about investment strategies.
  • Asset management can be another valuable professional service – one that sticks with you long term.

Get to Know the Firm and the Individual

As you consider your options in financial advisement firms, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • What credentials does your individual adviser have? Will this person be working directly with you?
  • Is the professional ethical? You can verify any legal actions against them by doing a bit of a search at the SEC’s Investment Adviser Search site.
  • What type of experience does he or she have working with people in your situation?

It also helps to really like the person you are going to work with, or, at the very least, trust in their abilities.  

Finding a Professional You Trust Starts Here

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