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 Investments Outside of Stocks and Bonds

Alternative Investments Mesa, AZ Area

We strategically use alternative investments to enhance investment returns, minimize volatility, and increase overall portfolio diversification.

Empowering you with access to the benefits of powerful investment options without the complexity and risk of direct ownership.

Mesa, AZ Alternative Investing, made accessible.

Alternative investments are more complex than traditional investments and offer a variety of benefits, but also come with risks. This is where Sterling Group United comes in.

Complex investments made simple.

Whether you are looking for growth on a portfolio or a way to generate supplemental income, Sterling’s suite of innovative and profitable alternative strategies offers an answer to the poor performance of the market and the lack luster rates offered in today’s environment. Through our experience, systems, and national network, we provide investors with access to alternative strategies and markets that would not otherwise be available to the average investor. We employ data driven guidance in both our investment planning and business operations to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals.

From inaccessible to turn-key

Lean on us to eliminate the hard work, time, and effort typically required to successfully implement alternative investments on your own. Our intricate systems have made integrating hard assets into your portfolio a turn-key process. 

We stand behind our strategies, and so does the data.

We believe in the products that we offer and in letting data drive decision making. The infrastructure we employ to manage and maintain hard-asset investments was developed with the intention of offering a lower-risk route to financial freedom than traditional investments.