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Three Areas of Financial Planning

United Under One Roof

Comprehensive financial plans, like no other, that simultaneously leverage alternative investments, money management, and insurance.

Sterling Group United offers a unique investment experience that pairs multiple investment options with innovative portfolio strategies.

From our family to yours

Our motivation is in helping you achieve your goals, not meeting a quota to sell a product. As a family business, we are committed to making alternative investments accessible for everyday families. 

Big ideas without big business.

As a family business, we have remained intentionally streamlined in order to stay nimble – a quality we consider crucial in order to provide innovative financial solutions. Our flexibility allows us to offer personalized guidance and modern portfolio theory at every level of investing.

Sophisticated wealth strategies with proven results

Our fee-only registered investment advisor utilizes unique algorithms and management that provide better performance and lower risk in our proprietary funds.

Achieving security through innovative alternatives

Our alternative asset division focuses on tangible, nontraditional investment options that help improve portfolio performance.

Protection without compromise

Our full service insurance agency delivers a diverse and competitive suite of insurance and annuity products from top carriers.

Exceptional agents, incredible experiences

Our brokerage specializes in real estate investment transactions through a nationwide network of real estate professionals.

Data power, matched with heart.

We continue the vision that our founder, Lance Vennard, had for creating a company that is dedicated to helping everyday American families to obtain financial security. A Top Gun-honored Air Force Captain and financial industry thought leader, he chose the name Sterling because it represents the excellence he always demanded of himself. Sterling silver is untarnished and created with the highest standards; we believe this to be a great metaphor for the advising standard to which we hold ourselves. 

Here, family is everything. Three of Lance’s eight children continue to run the family business. Working with us will feel distinctively different from the sales-driven pressure of a corporate advisor. Our closely-knit team of critical thinkers have developed a reliable set of systems designed with you in mind.

As fee-based  advisors, we are able to offer fiduciary advice with no corporate agenda behind us. 

We stand behind our strategies, and so does the data.

We believe in the products that we offer and in letting data drive decision making. The infrastructure we employ to manage and maintain hard-asset investments was developed with the intention of offering a lower-risk route to financial freedom than traditional investments.